Ronnie Wilson

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OBJECTIVE To help determine optimal strategies for treating suicidal adolescents, the authors studied family predictors of compliance with recommended psychotropic medication monitoring, individual therapy, and parent guidance/family therapy sessions. METHOD Sixty-six hospitalized, suicidal adolescents participated in a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation(More)
  • Universität E Biedert, Fribourg, Schlafstörungen Hogrefe Becker, E Margraf, J Generalisierte, Angststörung Ein +17 others
  • 2013
(2009). Current theoretical models of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): Conceptual review and treatment implications. A randomized clinical trial comparing an acceptance-based behaviour therapy to applied relaxation for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (2010). Predictive significance of changes in dietary restraint in obese patients with binge eating(More)
Exposure to childhood trauma has been associated with psychotic symptoms, being at ultra-high risk for psychosis (UHR), and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Negative self-beliefs have been shown to partially mediate the relationship between childhood trauma and paranoia and have been shown to be characteristic of patients with psychosis. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Recent research has suggested that intergroup contacts with out-group members can both reduce prejudice and is associated with attitude change. AIM This study extends prior work in Northern Ireland to examine parental and schooling effects on children's attitudes in a post-conflict environment. SAMPLE A large-scale cross-sectional survey of(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the effects of integrated and segregated schooling on Northern Irish children's self-reported contact and friendship with members of the other denominational group in school and community settings. AIM To assess the effects of cross group friendships and cross group contacts in school and outside school on children's(More)
We previously reported a lod score of 2.3 suggesting linkage between panic disorder and the alpha-haptoglobin locus on chromosome 16q22 in 26 pedigrees. In the present study we tested for linkage between alpha-haptoglobin and panic disorder in 10 new pedigrees and excluded a gene for panic disorder from 6 centimorgans (recombination fraction, 0.06)(More)
We studied the records of 101 patients with delusional disorder admitted to the Psychiatric Hospital between 1920 and 1980 and divided the sample into those with jealous (43) and those with nonjealous (58) delusions. Patients and relatives were located by telephone and follow-up information was collected. Compared with the nonjealous patients, the jealous(More)