Ronnie Van Dommelen

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T. Dickey, M. L. Banner, P. Bhandari, T. Boyd, L. Carvalho, G. Chang, Y. Chao, H. Czerski, M. Darecki, C. Dong, D. Farmer, S. Freeman, J. Gemmrich, P. Gernez, N. Hall-Patch, B. Holt, S. Jiang, C. Jones, G. Kattawar, D. LeBel, L. Lenain, M. Lewis, Y. Liu, L. Logan, D. Manov, W. K. Melville, M. A. Moline, R. Morison, F. Nencioli, W. S. Pegau, B. Reineman, I.(More)
Rapid variations in the intensities of light are commonly observed in profiles of downwelling plane irradiance in the ocean. These fluctuations are often treated as noise and filtered out. Here an effort is made to extract the pertinent statistics to quantify the light field fluctuations from vertical profiles of irradiance measured under clear skies. The(More)
1 M. Cada acknowledges support from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and from Nortel Technology, Inc., both of Canada AbstractA stability analysis of bistable laser diodes, which gives a first analytical explanation of the recently observed high-speed bistable switching and self-pulsation, is presented by introducing two key(More)
The principles of optical fiber communication and optical data storage have evolved over the past decade into industry standards for transmission, distribution, storage, and archival of digital audio, multimedia, and computer data. The fundamentals of these sophisticated systems are traditionally taught in the lecture hall, and laboratory exposure to the(More)
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