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Rural residents with cancer face many challenges--lack of specialized local care, cost, and travel requirements--in receiving high-quality cancer care. Rural physicians, nurses, social workers, and pharmacists have limited resources to provide or coordinate the quality of care needed for these patients. Although resources are sparse, creative collaboration(More)
Biological systems are highly complex, and for this reason there is a considerable degree of uncertainty as to the consequences of making significant interventions into their workings. Since a number of new technologies are already impinging on living systems, including our bodies, many of us have become participants in large-scale "social experiments". I(More)
Coming to understand ourselves as existing in evolutionary continuity with the rest of the living world is critical to a reexamination of our relationship with the other animals. Frans de Waal’s latest book is of great importance in contributing to the transfer of ethical behavior—in addition to tool use, “language” ability, “self-awareness,” and other such(More)
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