Ronnie Griffith

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Persistent cognitive deficits are one of the most important sequelae of head injury in humans. In an effort to model some of the structural and neuropharmacological changes that occur in chronic postinjury brains, we examined the longitudinal effects of moderate vertical controlled cortical impact (CCI) on place learning and memory using the Morris water(More)
Various theories beyond the standard model predict new particles with masses in the sub-eV range with very weak couplings to ordinary matter. A new P-odd and T-odd interaction between polarized and unpolarized nucleons proportional to K·r is one such possibility, where r is the distance between the nucleons and K is the spin of the polarized nucleon. Such(More)
The primary motivation of this study is to determine the contribution remittances from the Diaspora have on investment in Barbados. Anecdotal evidence is provided to indicate that remittances helped to improve the Barbadian housing stock with several wooden houses converted to wood and wall houses, and new concrete blocks/wall houses constructed. In(More)
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