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The stability of transferrin receptor (TfR) mRNA is regulated by iron availability. When a human plasma-cytoma cell line (ARH-77) is treated with an iron source (hemin), the TfR mRNA is destabilized(More)
T. Aldrich I. Heck K. Nugent M. Khalil Ali D. Heise E.B. Olson, Jr. D. Appel M.Q. Higgins J.A. Pang M. Austgen R. Hill R. Peters D. Aviado R. Hoover R.M. Philpot X. Baur G.W. Hunninghake Sr° K.(More)
H. Abeles G. Filley R. Notter W. Addington A. Gelb R. Phitpot T. Aldrich C. Hales K. Pinsker N. Anthonisen D. Heise Y. Ploysongsang J, Auchincloss G. Hook J. Reichel M. Austgen G. Hunninghake S. Said(More)
Since the emergence of chloroquine resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria several genetic polymorphisms have been found and discussed as markers for the prediction of drug response. However, there(More)
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