Ronneshia Jackson

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We have compared the protective effect of 1000 ml preload with 200 ml preload of crystalloid solution, administered during the 10 min before spinal anaesthesia was induced, in 60 healthy women with no fetal compromise undergoing elective Caesarean section. The spinal anaesthetic was managed identically in both groups by an anaesthetist who was unaware of(More)
Automated percutaneous lumbar discectomy has been shown to be a low morbidity procedure in the treatment of contained herniated lumbar discs. Described in this paper is a complication, i.e., a cauda equina syndrome secondary to a Nucleotome probe improperly placed in the thecal sac. The authors reemphasize the landmarks for the thecal sac, i.e., the medial(More)
A. Statement of the problem and research objectives Globalization of the nitrogen cycle In the last century, humans have significantly altered the global nitrogen (N) cycle, resulting in a dramatic increase in the rate at which " fixed " (or biologically active) N is created globally. The magnitude and scale of this increase has been remarkable: since 1970(More)
A case of hereditary sensory neuropathy is described resembling Dyck's Type I hereditary sensory neuropathy. Sensory testing revealed marked pain impairment in feet and hands shading at mid calf to normal at mid thigh and shading above the wrist to normal at the elbow. Other sensory modalities including temperature were intact except painful heat and(More)
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