Ronnachai Jaroensri

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There is often more than one way to select tonal adjustment-for a photograph, and different individuals may prefer different adjustments. However, selecting good adjustments is challenging. This paper describes a method to predict whether a given tonal rendition is acceptable for a photograph, which we use to characterize its range of acceptable(More)
For many movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s and ataxia, disease progression is usually assessed visually by a clinician according to a numerical rating scale, or using questionaires. These tests are subjective, time-consuming, and must be administered by a professional. We present an automated method for quantifying the severity of motion impairment in(More)
A technique to quickly detect motion blur from mobile phone camera and its implementation on an iPhone 4S were presented. GPU was utilized to accelerate the implementation. Direction of motion relative to the image space was used in addition to the image itself to detect motion blur. The accuracy of detection was 75%, and computation took on average 0.73(More)
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