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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate the influence of the shape of the needle tip on postdural puncture headache (PDPH) independent of the needle diameter, a 25-gauge Whitacre and a 25-gauge Quincke needle were compared. METHODS In a prospective, randomized, double-blind fashion, the study was carried out on 400 patients who received spinal anesthesia(More)
The latency period and spread of axillary plexus block using 40 ml mepivacaine carbonate (1% solution) or mepivacaine hydrochloride was studied in thirty patients scheduled for surgery of the hand-forearm region. The sensory block of the nervus axillaris, musculocutaneus, radialis, medianus, ulnaris and cutaneus brachii medialis was recorded using the pin(More)
In order to find out whether repeated doses of plain mepivacaine are appropriate for long-lasting microvascular surgery, a catheter-induced axillary plexus block was performed in 17 patients by using 400 mg of mepivacaine-HC1 every two hours. All patients underwent replantation surgery of one or more amputated fingers. Duration of operation varied from 8 to(More)
Neben dem präklinisch ohne apparative Unterstützung meist gut erkennbaren Spannungspneumothorax, der einer sofortigen Entlastung bedarf, gibt es eine Reihe von weiteren Befunden beim thoraxverletzten Patienten. Beispiele sind Rippenserienfraktur und Hautemphysem, die eine Thoraxdrainageanlage in Kombination mit einer Beatmung erforderlich machen können. Die(More)
In a morphological study fibrin-glued tubal anastomoses were compared with classical anastomoses using microsutures. In the isthmic-isthmic anastomoses, whether they were glued or sutured, the opposition of the folds and the continuity of the tubal wall were good. Scanning electron microscope studies of Fallopian tubes subjected to anastomosis using fibrin(More)
A 26-years-old man injected himself intramuscularly with 3.75 gram of demeton methyl in an attempt to commit suicide. After 36 hours severe symptoms of poisoning developed with loss of consciousness and respiratory arrest. As symptomatic treatment failed to improve his condition has given injections of purified serum cholinesterase. This was followed by a(More)
The preclinical tension pneumothorax which even without technical support is easily recognizable, requires immediate decompression. However, there are a number of patients with thoracic injuries such as serial rib fractures or palpable skin emphysema which--in combination with a ventilator--may necessitate the insertion of a thoracic tube. In the(More)
In 26 patients, undergoing cholecystectomy under electrostimulation anaesthesia (ESA) (n = 14) and neurolept anesthesia (NLA) (n = 12) the effects on consumption of anaesthetic agents, mean arterial pressure, heart rate, blood gases, lung function, serum cortisol and awareness are compared. Consumption of anaesthetic agents was 21.6 per cent in ESA compared(More)
An endoscopic technique for tubal anastomosis has been developed in a rat uterine horn model. Uterine segments were anastomosed endoscopically in a training device for surgical pelviscopy ('Pelvitrainer') by fibrin glue, using an inlaying splint as a guide. The anastomoses were accomplished by a seromuscular 6-0 suture at the anti-mesenteric border.(More)