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The ability of company managers to respond to variations in performance in construction projects is severely limited by the time delay common in existing information and control systems in reporting schedule, budget and quality deviations from plan. We propose a system for interpreting data acquired automatically by monitoring the activity of major(More)
Purpose In an extended research program, started about two decades ago, a number of models have been developed for monitoring and controlling construction. These include models for the control of materials, earthmoving equipment, guardrail installation and labor. All these models convert data on the actual project performance that is obtained through(More)
The paper describes a virtual-reality-based approach to programming construction robots. This approach is needed because of the ever changing conditions and the nature of the construction work. As a result, construction robots need much more programming relative to their industrial counterparts, this being a labor intensive task using known methods.(More)
The networks of interdependencies between elements in building projects, referred to as the project topology, are often complex and difficult for project teams to comprehend. It is hypothesized that a graph-based model of the project topology can be based on existing data in Building Information Models (BIM), facilitating the application of graph-theoretic(More)
The implementation of changes in construction projects often causes deviations from the objectives of the project client. One of the causes of this problem is that the tools currently used in projects do not support the identification of the consequences of a change before it is implemented in the project. The objective of the present research is to develop(More)
Reliable and timely information describing up-to-date performance is a prerequisite for effective management of construction. Existing methods for on-site data collection are labor-intensive, subjective, and the data are frequently available only after activities have been completed. Monitoring of the main lifting equipment on construction sites can provide(More)
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