Rongzhi Liu

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Article history: Received 27 April 2010 Available online 7 May 2010 This research examines the relationship between employees' career growth and organizational commitment. Career growth was conceptualized by four factors: career goal progress, professional ability development, promotion speed and remuneration growth, while organizational commitment was(More)
Practical Experience has shown that the agglomeration and successful rate of the entrepreneurial activity in the industrial clusters was much higher than non-industrial clusters, the aim of this paper is to contribute to a greater understanding of the process about how the industrial cluster promote the entrepreneurial activities functioning as the(More)
Students entrepreneurship has aroused wide concern at present in China, while, as the lack of funds and experience, students often had a hard time during the star-up period. Thus, the business incubator cooperated with the universities become and useful aid for student entrepreneurs. According to the case study on the typical universities incubators in(More)
Atmospheric neutrinos arise from the decay of particles (primarily pions, muons and kaons) produced in the collision of high energy cosmic ray particles with the atmosphere. The great distances traveled by atmospheric neutrinos between their production and detection make them useful for studying neutrino oscillations, the predicted phenomenon of massive(More)
The increase of foreign direct investment in China has resulted in the presence of a number of Western expatriates working in Sino-foreign joint ventures in China. The effective expatriation management has become an increasingly important task for the international HR department. Based on the empirical research about two multinational organizations'(More)
It has continuously received universal attention from various local authority and academic circles about the issue that why and how the industry cluster can attract the talents. This article introduced the magnetic field concept to promulgate the rule of talent agglomeration in the industry cluster, where the human resources quantity, quality and structure(More)
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