Rongzeng Cao

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C. H. Tian B. K. Ray J. Lee R. Cao W. Ding This paper presents a framework for the modeling and analysis of business model designs involving a network of interconnected business entities. The framework includes an ecosystem-modeling component, a simulation component, and a serviceanalysis component, and integrates methods from value network modeling, game(More)
Web-delivered service is an emerging approach for IT service by leveraging the partnership and Web technology to reduce IT service cost and improve delivery efficiency. To make it more effective, business design is also very important besides technology innovation. This paper proposes a three-tier analytical framework to improve business design based on the(More)
In this paper, a simple mix integer programming for distribution center location is proposed. Based on this simple model, we introduce two important factors, transport mode and carbon emission, and extend it a model to describe the location problem for green supply chain. Sequently, IBM Watson implosion technologh (WIT) tool was introduced to describe them(More)
Thanks to the speedy development of science and technology, the service sector of economy has plays more and more important role in modern society. Its rapid growth has led it outstrip the other two sectors of economy, agriculture and industry. However the research of service, such as service science, management and engineering, comparing with agriculture(More)
Business value evaluation of IT services is critical for an enterprise to develop an IT project portfolio aligned with its business operations. To lessen the dependency on subjective assumptions on how IT capabilities benefit the implementation of business strategies and operations, this paper proposes a business value modeling approach based on value(More)