Rongyuan Liang

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Concentrations of selected heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Cr, Ni and Fe) in surface sediments from nine sites in western Xiamen Bay and its vicinity were studied in order to understand current metal contamination due to urbanization and economic development in Xiamen, China. The sediment samples were collected in December 2004 and July 2005 respectively in(More)
The application of a light trapping technique based on light scattering by metal nanoparticles through excitation of localized surface plasmons was studied. Our objective was to investigate experimentally the most suitable location for the metal nanoparticles inside hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) solar cells for efficient light scattering. Silver(More)
A surface sediment sample (<5cm) was collected from a sewage sludge contaminated site (118 degrees 02.711'E, 24 degrees 32.585'N) within western Xiamen Bay, China, in July 2005 for a sediment decontamination study. A series of laboratory-based experiments under various conditions were performed using chemical complexation reagents (e.g., H2C2O4, EDTA-2Na,(More)
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