Rongyuan Chen

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The multiresolution technique is one of the most important techniques for image segmentation. Wavelet transformation is a pixel-based method and is widely used for multiresolution segmentation approaches, but it suffers the deficiency of modeling the macrotexture pattern of a given image. In order to overcome such a problem, this letter extends the(More)
In order to increase the diversity of immune algorithm when solving high-dimensional global optimization problems, a novel clonal selection algorithm with randomized clonal expansion strategy(RCSA) is proposed. The main characteristic of RCSA is clonal expansion. In addition, a novel performance evaluation criterion is constructed in this paper, by which(More)
Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)/polypropylene (PP) blends of different weight ratios were prepared with a self-made vane extruder (VE), which generates global dynamic elongational flow, and a traditional twin-screw extruder (TSE), which generates shear flow. High-resolution scanning electron microscopy and polarizing microscopy showed a structure feature(More)
The clone selection algorithm (CSA) is a stochastic, population-based evolutionary method that can be applied to the global optimization problems. The paper proposes a variation on the traditional CSA: clone selection algorithm with simplex crossover, or CSA_SPX. The novel algorithm employs the randomized distribution scheme for clone individuals, bit(More)
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