Rongxiang Liu

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---Most of the studies on thermal comfort are carried out under normal pressure condition. Evaluation models of human thermal comfort are also limited to normal atmosphere. However, under other special conditions, e.g. lower-oxygen lower-pressure altitude environment, is worthwhile and necessary to do more work .In this paper, based on artificial neural(More)
Since thermal comfort is becoming a frontier science combined with pyrology,ar-chitectural physics,physiology and psychology, as human important physiological indexes, skin temperature and heart rate variation are explored for the thermal comfort study in low-pressure environment. Important information of human thermal balance and thermal sensation can be(More)
According to acoustic theory, the soundproof performance of flat aluminum itself and combinations with two types of insulation materials are measured respectively, based on experimental results, better soundproof component can be determined. After that flat aluminum-, snow guard and sectional floor are tested .At last the best combination of soundproof(More)
The optimization model of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is introduced firstly, and then using it, air conditioning cold and heat sources are decided in a project of Qingdao City. Considering economy, technical condition, environmental impact and social benefit, each of four schemes of air conditioning cold and heat sources is analyzed quantitatively by(More)
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