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The integrity of the myelin sheath is important for normal electrophysiological function and survival of neurons that make up the auditory nerve. It is hypothesized that myelin deficiency of the auditory nerve may change the electrophysiologic characteristics of the auditory system, especially the temporal properties. In this study, the electrically evoked(More)
Animal models with genetic abnormalities have been increasingly used in auditory research. Both TrJ mice and Po-DT-A mice are animals with peripheral myelin deficiency. In TrJ mice, the defect is due to a mutated PMP-22 gene. In Po-DT-A mice, the defect is produced by a transgene using the rat Po promotor to direct the expression of gene encoding for the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of pretreatment with ulinastatin on liver regeneration and TNF-α/IL-6/STAT-3 signal pathway in rats after 70% hepatectomy combined with ischemia-reperfusion injury. METHODS A total of 120 normal male SD rats weighing 230-280 g were randomized into 3 groups (n=40), namely simple partial hepatectomy (PH) group, partial(More)
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