Rongsheng Cai

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Radioactive iodine isotopes that are produced in nuclear power plants and used in medical research institutes could be a serious threat to the health of many people if accidentally released to the environment because the thyroid gland can absorb and concentrate them from a liquid. For this reason, uptake of iodide anions was investigated on(More)
Oxidation of metals usually results in the formation of an oxide nanostructure with poorly controlled growth morphologies. By employing a simple mechanical approach that uses sandblasting to modify the surface roughness of iron substrates, we demonstrate that the morphologies of hematite (α-Fe2O3) nanostructures varying from the growth of one-dimensional(More)
Processing and managing radioactive waste is a great challenge worldwide as it is extremely difficult and costly; the radioactive species, cations or anions, leaked into the environment are a serious threat to the health of present and future generations. We report layered potassium niobate (K4Nb6O17) nanolamina as adsorbent to remove toxic Sr(2+), Ba(2+)(More)
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