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— Rainfall estimation based on radar measurements has been an important topic in radar meteorology for more than four decades. This research problem has been addressed using two approaches, namely a) parametric estimates using reflectivity-rainfall relation (Z-R relation) or equations using multiparameter radar measurements such as reflectivity,(More)
(in the range of 10–60 mmh 01) could be estimated from Z h and Z dr with a mean bias of 1–4% and fractional standard error (FSE) of 30–40% depending on the estimator used. Raindrop axis ratios are analyzed as a function of volume equivalent spherical diameter (Deq) in the range 2–6 mm. The mean axis ratio versus the Deq relationship was found to be(More)
A neural network-based scheme for decision directed edge-adaptive Kalman filtering is introduced in this work. A backpropagation neural network makes the decisions about the orientation of the edges based on the information in a window centered at the current pixel being processed. Then based upon the neural network output an appropriate image model which(More)
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