Rongrong Zhong

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— Hardware execution throttling mechanisms such as duty cycle modulation and voltage/frequency scaling can effectively control core or chip-level resource consumption and hence have been advocated to manage multicore resource competition. However, finding the right throttle setting is challenging since the configuration space grows exponentially as the(More)
In the recent years, multi-core processors prove their extensive use in the area of System-on-Chip (SoC) on a single chip. This paper proposes a methodology and implements a multi-core simulator. The multi-core simulator is based on SimpleScalar integrated with SystemC framework, which deals with communication and synchronization among different processing(More)
Concurrently running applications on multiprocessors may desire different CPU frequency/voltage settings in order to achieve performance, power, or thermal objectives. Today's multicores typically require that all sibling cores on a single chip run at the same fre-quency/voltage level while different CPU chips can have non-uniform settings. This paper(More)
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