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Captions in videos often play an important role in video information indexing and retrieval. In this paper, we present a novel video caption detection approach. We first apply a new Multiple Frames Integration (MFI) method to minimize the variation of the background of the image. A time-based minimum (or maximum) pixel value search is employed and Sobel(More)
Touch is a unique channel in affect conveyance. A significant aspect of this uniqueness is that the relation of touch to affect is immediate, without the need for symbolic encoding and decoding. However, most pioneering research work in developing remote touch technologies, result in the use of touch as a symbolic channel either by design or user decision.(More)
This paper investigates whether and how digitally mediated social touch (remote touch) may influence the sense of connectedness toward a speaker and the emotional experience of what is being communicated. We employ an 'augmented' storytelling methodology where we manipulate the modality of an 'emotive' channel that accompanies the speech, and the contextual(More)
The advance in image/video editing techniques has facilitated people in synthesizing realistic images/videos that may hard to be distinguished from real ones by visual examination. This poses a problem: how to differentiate real images/videos from doctored ones? This is a serious problem because some legal issues may occur if there is no reliable way for(More)
four-wheel independently-driven (4WID) electric vehicles is presented. An adaptive control based passive fault-tolerant controller is designed to ensure the system stability when an in-wheel motor/motor driver fault happens. As an over-actuated system, it is challenging to isolate the faulty wheel and accurately estimate the control gain of the faulty(More)
Training is one of the most important and widely-used applications of immersive virtual reality (VR). Research has shown that immersive virtual environments (VEs) are beneficial for training motor activities and spatial activities, but it is unclear whether immersive VEs are beneficial for purely mental activities, such as memorizing a procedure. In this(More)
Compressed sensing is now established as an effective method for dimension reduction when the underlying signals are sparse or compressible with respect to some suitable basis or frame. One important, yet under-addressed problem regarding the compressive acquisition of analog signals is how to perform quantization. This is directly related to the important(More)
Alignment) method to solve the two problems. First, random projection is introduced to preliminarily reduce the dimension of HSI data. It aims to improve the speed of neighbor searching and the local tangent space construction. Then, the new method presents the similarity measure via the adaptive weighted summation kernel (AWSK) distance. The AWSK distance(More)