Rongqing Yi

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In this paper, a multi-agent based process management system is proposed to modularize, simulate and analyze the existing industrial business process environment dynamically. The different computational agents of the system are presented in a hierarchical architecture, which offers intelligent behavior at different system level. At the bottom level, agents(More)
An efficient methodology for recognizing features is presented. The part information is taken from the B-rep solid date library then broken down into sub-graph. Once the sub-graphs are generated, they are first checked to see whether they match with the predefined feature library. If so, a feature vector is assigned to them. Otherwise, base faces are(More)
In this paper, a new optimization method, Organizational Evolutionary Algorithm (OEA), is proposed, in which a population is made of organizations and whose evolution is led by three organizational evolutionary operators, i.e. the splitting operator, the merging operator and the cooperating operator; the splitting operator controls the size of organizations(More)
To solve the constraint multi-solution problem, the constraints are separated to two sets, the original constraint set and the additional constraint set. First, the solver finds out multiple solutions. Then genetic algorithm and ant algorithm are combined in the process of searching optimal solution. We adopt genetic algorithm in the former process to(More)
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