Rongmao Chen

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Authenticated Key Exchange (AKE) protocols have been widely deployed in many real-world applications for securing communication channels. In this paper, we make the following contributions. First, we revisit the security modelling of leakage-resilient AKE protocols, and show that the existing models either impose some unnatural restrictions or do not(More)
An efficient Dynamic Provable Data Possession scheme with Public Verifiability and Data Privacy was recently published in ACISP'15. It appears that three attacks menace this scheme. The first one enables the server to store only one block of a file m and still pass the data integrity verification on any number of file blocks. The second attack permits the(More)
Data sharing and searching are important functionalities in cloud storage. In this paper, we show how to securely and flexibly search and share cloud data among a group of users without a group manager. We formalize a novel cryptosystem: secure channel free searchable encryption in a peer-to-peer group, which features with the secure cloud data sharing and(More)