Ronghui Wu

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Three unsymmetrically substituted polyamine analogues demonstrate significant and selective antitumor effects. Each of the analoguesN 1-ethyl-N 11-propargyl-4,8-diazaundecane (PENSpm),N 1-ethyl-N 11-(cyclobutyl)methyl-4,8-diazaundecane (CBENSpm), andN 1-ethyl-N 11-(cyclopropyl)methyl-4,8-diazaundecane (CPENSpm) is cytotoxic to a representative(More)
Mathematical analysis is very important for extracting information from the sequences. We propose a novel composition coding method for this sequence. This method is a combination of segmental probability of four nucleotides correlation factors and four components of the conventional nucleotides composition. Using the composition vectors, phylogeny analysis(More)
This article presents a TDD link level simulation scheme, based on the TD-SCDMA wireless telecommunication system, to study the performance improvement given by a multi-antenna receiver on a mobile terminal. The feasibility of a mobile receiver equipped with multi-antenna is discussed. Three different adaptive algorithms are compared under the specifically(More)
Phylogenetic reconstruction help us better understand evolutionary relationship through the analyses of DNA sequences. In this paper, as an example of 8 mitochondrial DNA sequences, by means of a 3D graphical representation and the graph radius of the four characteristic curves to construct the similarity matrix, we proposed a vertical and horizontal method(More)
Guang-xue YUE , Fei YU, Yi-jun CHEN, Rong-hui WU , Ji-yao AN , Ren-fa LI 4 College of Information Engineering, JiaXing University, JiaXing, 314000,China State Key Lab. for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Nanjing,210093, China. State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Graduate School of Chinese(More)
To improve the accuracy and the efficiency for the small size measurement, a modified optimal threshold segmentation method was proposed. The traditional optimal threshold method can be used to do the image segmentation by calculating the missed classed probability. On the strong background noise condition, the missed classed probability distribution is(More)