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The vehicle navigation alarm system has played an important role in avoiding traffic accidents, but the function singleness, structure faultiness and price highness are open questions for the existing products. A new multifunction intelligent navigation alarm system based on ultrasonic ranging microprocessor SB5227 is developed to caution the driver with(More)
In this paper, a novel soft inflatable arm is proposed for telepresence robots. It is capable of imitating human arms to realize remote interaction. The new proposed arm using a very common and low cost inflatable material, and it is very light, which weight is only about 50 grams, but can well realize agile movement by driving three tiny cables installed(More)
In this paper, a new Cartesian gas cutting robot was designed, which had five servo motors and six stepped motors. Also, we developed a three-torch model and studied algorithm and boundary conditions that were pretty available for three-torch device and experiment verified this theory. A laser height control system was also developed in this robot. And the(More)
In this paper, the kinematic modeling and control for a multi-joint inflatable robot arm with cable-driven mechanism are proposed. The soft inflatable robot arm is capable of imitating human arms to realize remote interaction. The weight of the arm is only about 50 grams, and collision safe. To solve the challenge problems of kinematics of the soft(More)
In this paper, mechanical design and implementation of a low-cost and lightweight inflatable robot finger are proposed. The proposed soft inflatable robot finger is different from traditional designs. It uses a common and low cost inflatable material and can be easily and massively manufactured. The proposed soft inflatable finger only weighs 0.8 grams, but(More)
Arc tracking is a significant function in welding robot applications. In this paper, we present an eight-axis robot arm system, and propose an arc tracking on this system, including signal collection, process, and offset derive. Moreover, we establish a kinematics modeling of sine weaving, and offset compensate models, which can compensate actual offsets to(More)
In this paper, a novel precise pick and place device (PPD) is proposed for robotic manipulators. It is capable of accurately picking the work pieces and placing them when they are deviated from their initial taught picking positions. In addition, a new muti-line identification algorithm is also developed, which is very effective, especially when the(More)
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