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Comparison of Biased and Unbiased Sampling Algorithms Using Graph Metrics
Degree distribution, hierarchy, clustering and small-world are typical graph features to measure the structure of complex networks. This paper uses these features to compare and evaluate theExpand
Correlation between weighted spectral distribution and average path length in evolving networks.
The weighted spectral distribution (WSD) is a metric defined on the normalized Laplacian spectrum. In this study, synchronic random graphs are first used to rigorously analyze the metric's scalingExpand
Scaling of weighted spectral distribution in deterministic scale-free networks
Scale-free networks are abundant in the real world. In this paper, we investigate the scaling properties of the weighted spectral distribution in several deterministic and stochastic models ofExpand
An accurate and extensible machine learning classifier for flow-level traffic classification
An accurate and extensible traffic classifier built by making an optimal cascade of binary sub-classifiers to address the discriminator bias issue and achieves much higher F-Measure and AUC for each application. Expand
Cascaded classifier for improving traffic classification accuracy
Stability of weighted spectral distribution in a pseudo tree-like network model*
This paper rigorously investigates the stability of the weighted spectral distribution (i.e., a spectral graph feature) as the network order increases and uses deterministic scale-free networks generated by a pseudo tree-like model to derive the precise formula of the spectral feature. Expand
A Multi-source Alarm Information Fusion Processing Method for Network Attack Situation
Application feature extraction by using both dynamic binary tracking and statistical learning
This paper applies the techniques of both dynamic binary tracking and statistical learning in application feature extraction to identify the encrypted applications and proposes a scheme to synthetically apply protocol signatures, port association and flow statistics in traffic classification. Expand
An Analysis of the Behavior of APT Attack in the Ngay Campaign
This paper analyzes the behavior of APT attack in the Ngay campaign from two aspects: network traffic and code implementation. Expand