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Himalayan detrital chromian spinels and timing of Indus-Yarlung ophiolite erosion
Abstract The geochemistry of detrital chromian spinels is commonly used to discriminate provenance from different tectonic settings of mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks. Detrital spinels in CenozoicExpand
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Interacting Multiple Model Particle-type Filtering Approaches to Ground Target Tracking
Ground maneuvering target tracking is a class of nonlinear and/or no-Gaussian filtering problem. A new interacting multiple model unscented particle filter (IMMUPF) is presented to deal with theExpand
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Hybrid quantum probabilistic coding genetic algorithm for large scale hardware-software co-synthesis of embedded systems
Hardware-software co-synthesis is a key step of future design of embedded systems. It involves three interdependent subproblems: allocation of resources, assignment of tasks to resources, andExpand
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An unscented particle filter for ground maneuvering target tracking
In this study, an unscented particle filtering method based on an interacting multiple model (IMM) frame for a Markovian switching system is presented. The method integrates the multiple model (MM)Expand
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A Novel Adaptive Estimator for Maneuvering Target Tracking
A new method for maneuvering target tracking using "current" statistical model is presented. When tracked target maneuver occurs, "current" statistical model can detect the maneuver immediately andExpand
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An Adaptive Unscented Particle Filter for Tracking Ground Maneuvering Target
Ground maneuvering target tracking is a linear/ nonlinear and Gaussian/non-Gaussian filtering problem. The particle filter (PF), which is not restricted by assumptions of linearity and GaussianExpand
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An IMMUPF method for ground target tracking
In this study, a new interacting multiple model unscented particle filter (IMMUPF) for tracking ground maneuvering targets is presented. A bank of unscented particle filters is used in theExpand
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Cascaded classifier for improving traffic classification accuracy
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Machine learning application to automatically classify heavy minerals in river sand by using SEM/EDS data
Abstract Heavy minerals are generally trace components of sand or sandstone. Fast and accurate heavy mineral classification has become a necessity. Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometers (EDS)Expand
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A variable-structure IMM filtering algorithm based on current statistical model
A new variable-structure IMM method for maneuvering target tracking using current statistical model is presented. The maximum acceleration - a design parameter in current statistical model, is usedExpand
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