Rongguo Yan

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The computational fractal dimension of human colonic pressure activity acquired by a telemetric capsule robot under normal physiological conditions was studied using the box-counting method. The fractal dimension is a numeric value that quantifies to measure how rough the signal is from nonlinear dynamics, rather than its amplitude or other linear(More)
We propose a new analysis method to detect quadratic phase coupling (QPC) behavior of human gastric interdigestive pressure activity that has been acquired by a telemetric capsule-like mini-robot. The method is referred to as diagonal slice spectra. They are the Fourier transforms of the diagonal slices of the triple correlations, and can actually detect(More)
Using the method of detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) and power spectral analysis (PSA), the paper deals with the characteristics of long-range correlations of colonic pressure activities and their surrogate data of healthy subjects. The DFA is a period representation of such correlations, whereas the PSA is a frequency representation. The analysis of(More)
In surgery operations, wound should be cleaned with warm sterilized saline solution. In order to reach rapidly warming the washing solution from the room temperature during the surgery, we designed a thermostatic medical infusion pump. The present paper mainly presents researches on the two temperature control methods in the standby mode and in the flushing(More)
With the wide clinical use of the ventilator, much attention has been paid to its safety and efficiency. To avoid harming to the patient, any ventilator must be functionally tested before it being used to treat the patient. Lung simulator is just the dedicated equipment used to test and calibrate the ventilator. The paper mainly introduced this equipment(More)
Aim: To propose a practical, non-invasive method for monitoring intestinal pressure activity and introduce its clinical application on discrimination between the healthy subjects and the slow transit constipation (STC) patient subjects in the sense of medical statistics. Methods: Nineteen healthy subjects and eight STC patient subjects participated in the(More)
BACKGROUND In the development of a telemetry localization system for wireless tracking of a microcapsule medical device based on alternating current magnetic fields, further improvements are required in terms of localization accuracy and reductions in systematic error. METHODS A new correction method is proposed based on an improved neural network(More)