Ronggang Yue

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This is the first part of a series papers on modeling and path planning of the City-Climber robot, a novel wall-climbing robot which can climb walls, move on ceilings and transit between floor and walls. In order to provide the City-Climber with 3D path planning capability to carry out tasks such as cleaning, painting, and building inspection in 3D(More)
This is the second part of a series papers on modeling and path planning of the City-Climber robot. This paper presents a path planning method for the City-Climber robot using mixed integer linear programming (MILP) in 3D building environments that consist of objects with primitive geometrical shapes. In order to use MILP to solve obstacle avoidance(More)
The City-Climber robot is a novel wall-climbing robot developed at The City College of New York that has the capability to move on floors, climb walls, walk on ceilings and transit between them. In this paper, we first develop the dynamic model of the City-Climber robot when it travel on different surfaces, i.e., floors, walls and ceilings, respectively.(More)
With the development of space science and technology, some countries have launched unmanned planetary exploration programs. Because planet surfaces are rough and formidable, planetary exploration rovers were used as a versatile and safe alternative to manned space missions to explore the planets. In recent years, many types of planetary rovers were(More)
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