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In this paper, we propose a book dewarping model based on the assumption that the book surface is warped as a cylinder. This model extends the model proposed by Cao and makes Cao's model a special case of our model. This extension removes the constraint of Cao's model that the camera lens must be strictly parallel to the book surface, which is hard to make(More)
The validity of the application of the Krylov subspace techniques in adaptive filtering and detection is investigated. A new verification of the equivalence of two well-known methods in the Krylov subspace, namely the multistage Wiener filters (MWF) and the auxiliary-vector filtering (AVF), is given in this paper. The MWF and AVF are incorporated into two(More)
[1] A three-dimensional absolute velocity field on the isopycnal surface in the northwest Pacific subtropical region in the summer is calculated from the Navy's Generalized Digital Environmental Model (GDEM) climatological temperature and salinity data on a 0.5° Â 0.5° grid using the P-vector method. GDEM for the area was built from historical (1930– 1997)(More)
Ce(3+)-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG:Ce) nanocrystals were successfully synthesized via a facile sol-gel method. Multiple characterization techniques were employed to study the structure, morphology, composition and photoluminescence properties of YAG:Ce nanophosphors. The YAG:Ce0.0055 sintered at 1030 °C exhibited a typical 5d(1)-4f(1) emission band(More)