Rongci Zhang

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Biotrophic fungi, such as Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, because they cannot be cultured on nutrient media, to obtain adequate quantity of DNA for molecular genetic analysis, are usually propagated on living hosts, wheat plants in case of P. striiformis f. sp. tritici. The propagation process is time-, space- and labor-consuming and has been a(More)
Flax rust, Melampsora lini strain SP6, contains 11 double-stranded (ds) RNA molecules with a total length of about 25 kbp. The dsRNAs are inherited in three genetic units: the L unit comprising a single 5.2 kbp dsRNA and contained within a 40-nm virus-like particle, and the A and B units each consisting of five dsRNAs (A1–A5, and B1–B5) ranging in size from(More)
Being major ornamental street trees, species of Platanus are widely planted in the Shanghai urban area. A great deal of allergenic Platanus pollen is released from the trees and suspended in the atmosphere during its flowering season, ultimately causing allergic respiratory diseases. Few papers have focused on the distribution of this type of pollen and its(More)
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