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Being major ornamental street trees, species of Platanus are widely planted in the Shanghai urban area. A great deal of allergenic Platanus pollen is released from the trees and suspended in the atmosphere during its flowering season, ultimately causing allergic respiratory diseases. Few papers have focused on the distribution of this type of pollen and its(More)
Uniaxial strain relaxation of ultra-thin biaxial-tensile SSDOI is realized by ion-implant amorphization and solid phase epitaxy (II/SPE). The selective full amorphization in the thin SSDOI region, between raised source/drain (RSD) and channel, induces uniaxial strain relaxation in the channel. The SSDOI uniaxial strain relaxation enhances PFETs drive(More)
End-of-range (EOR) defects generated during the crystal orientation conversion process in DSB technology can give rise to various types of junction leakage depending on their locations relative to device structures. A wide range of EOR defect depths are investigated. Shallow-implant-induced EOR defects (~100 nm) are found to minimize junction leakages due(More)
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