Rongcang Han

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To overcome the disadvantage of determining artificially the class number, fuzzy C means clustering is introduced to fuzzify the continual attribute, and the best minute class number is obtained by cluster validity analysis. The relationship of glass composition and its application is excavated using data mining method in this paper.
A quantum computer, exploiting quantum state superposition and entanglement, is capable of performing select computations more powerfully than any classical computer [1,2]. Many quantum algorithms that achieve the same computational tasks much faster than their classical counterparts have been designed [3–5]. These theoretical results have led many groups(More)
FEKO is a 3D simulation tool for the analysis of electromagnetic fields. FEKO can solve the problem of any structural type with a very comprehensive MoM code or other tailored code. In this paper, a radiation pattern for conformal phased array antenna on the surface of a PEC finite cylinder is calculated using FEKO 4.0. The simulation results accord with(More)
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