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Unification of anion relay chemistry with the Takeda and Hiyama cross-coupling reactions: identification of an effective silicon-based transfer agent.
The unification of Anion Relay Chemistry (ARC) with the Takeda and Hiyama palladium-mediated cross-coupling processes to provide aryl-aryl, alkenyl-aryl, and alkenyl-alkenyl coupled products byExpand
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Asymmetric total syntheses of (-)-penicipyrone and (-)-tenuipyrone via biomimetic cascade intermolecular Michael addition/cycloketalization.
The first total syntheses of (-)-penicipyrone and (-)-tenuipyrone were accomplished enantioselectively in 12 steps with an 11% yield and 6 steps with a 28% yield from the knownExpand
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Uniting anion relay chemistry with Pd-mediated cross coupling: design, synthesis and evaluation of bifunctional aryl and vinyl silane linchpins.
Union of type II Anion Relay Chemistry (ARC) with Pd-induced Cross Coupling Reactions (CCR) has been achieved, in conjunction with the design, synthesis, and evaluation of a new class of bifunctionalExpand
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Anion relay chemistry: access to the type II ARC reaction manifold through a fundamentally different reaction pathway exploiting 1-oxa-2-silacyclopentanes and related congeners.
Type I and II anion relay chemistry (ARC)[1] exploiting [1,n]-Brook rearrangements[2] (Scheme 1A and B, respectively), comprise an effective set of synthetic tactics that unite multiple components,Expand
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Benzyl and phenylthiomethyl silanes: a new class of bifunctional linchpins for type II anion relay chemistry (ARC).
A new class of bifunctional linchpins bearing electrophilic sites beta or gamma to a silyl group have been designed, synthesized, and demonstrated to be competent in tricomponent unions exploitingExpand
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Scalable asymmetric total syntheses of (+)-Psoracorylifol B and (+)-ent-Psoracorylifol C.
The first, asymmetric total syntheses of potent antimicrobial Psoracorylifol B (>1.3 g obtained, dr 10.5:1) with a 9.4% overall yield on a gram scale in 14 steps and ent-Psoracorylifol C with a 4.3%Expand
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Total syntheses of durgamone, nakorone, and abudinol B via biomimetic oxa- and carbacyclizations.
The first biomimetic total syntheses of ent-nakorone, ent-durgamone, and ent-abudinol B were accomplished by combining features of tandem polyepoxide cyclization with biomimetic polyene cyclization.Expand
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Biomimetic synthesis via polyepoxide cyclizations
The biomimetic synthesis of trans,syn,trans-fused polycyclic ether natural products involving a cascade of stereospecific and regioselective oxacyclizations of polyepoxide substrates is described asExpand
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Cephalosporolide B serving as a versatile synthetic precursor: asymmetric biomimetic total syntheses of cephalosporolides C, E, F, G, and (4-OMe-)G.
Cephalosporolide B (Ces-B) was efficiently synthesized and exploited for the first time as a versatile biomimetic synthetic precursor for the chemical syntheses of not only cephalosporolides C, G,Expand
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Total synthesis and structural revision of (+)-uprolide G acetate.
The first, asymmetric total synthesis of the proposed structure of (+)-uprolide G acetate (UGA) is reported, and the spectral properties of the synthetic compound clearly differed from those reportedExpand
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