Rong-bo Huang

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This paper utilizes a discrete wavelet transform to present a parallel architecture for independent component analysis (ICA), which is a hybrid system consisting of two sub-ICA processes. One process takes the high-frequency wavelet part of observations as its input, meanwhile the other process takes the low-frequency part. Their results are then merged to(More)
This paper presents a new divide-and-conquer based learning approach to radial basis function (RBF) networks, in which a conventional RBF network is divided into several RBF sub-networks. Each of them individually takes an input sub-space as its input. The original network’s output then becomes a linear combination of the sub-networks’ outputs with the(More)
Our recent paper (Huang et al. 2002) has presented a divideand-conquer based radial basis function network (DCRBF) that is a hybrid system consisting of several sub-RBF networks, each of which individually takes a sub-input space as its input. Since this system reduces the structural complexity of a RBF network by mapping a highdimensional modelling problem(More)
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