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Inbred mice provide a unique tool to study aging populations because of the genetic homogeneity within an inbred strain, their short life span, and the tools for analysis which are available. A large-scale longitudinal and cross-sectional aging study was conducted on 30 inbred strains to determine, using histopathology, the type and diversity of diseases(More)
Software development, unlike manufacturing industry, is highly dependent on the capabilities of individual software engineers and software development teams. SEI presents PSP and TSP to establish personal and team capabilities in the software process, to maintain them and assist organizations in conducting CMMI-Based process improvement. Thus, executors'(More)
—In this present note, we formulate a model for hybrid dy-namical systems with delay, which covers a large class of delay systems. Under several mild assumptions, we establish sufficient conditions for uniform asymptotic stability of hybrid dynamical systems with delay via Lya-punov–Razumikhin technique. To demonstrate the developed theory, we conduct(More)
Vehicle travel and obesity rates in the United States have surged in recent decades. This paper contributes to the mounting evidence of a link between them by drawing attention to a very close relationship between trends in miles driven per licensed driver and adult obesity rates six years later. It also presents evidence on why the effect might be expected(More)
a stroke of irony that lifespan — the principal phenotype used to search for aging genes — is a terrible phenotype for genetic analysis. Lifespan has relatively low heritability under most conditions, and it is affected by chronic, age-related diseases that confound its use as a biomarker of aging. If the majority of aging genes are pleiotropic, as proposed(More)
Understanding the source of genetic variation in aging and using this variation to define the molecular mechanisms of healthy aging require deep and broad quantification of a host of physiological, morphological, and behavioral endpoints. The murine model is a powerful system in which to understand the relations across age-related phenotypes and to identify(More)
An influenza virus polymerase reconstitution assay based on the human, dog, or chicken RNA polymerase I (PolI) promoter has been developed and widely used to study the polymerase activity of the influenza virus in corresponding cell types. Although it is an important member of the influenza virus family and has been known for sixty years, no studies have(More)