Rong Yuan

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Software development, unlike manufacturing industry, is highly dependent on the capabilities of individual software engineers and software development teams. SEI presents PSP and TSP to establish personal and team capabilities in the software process, to maintain them and assist organizations in conducting CMMI-Based process improvement. Thus, executors'(More)
—In this present note, we formulate a model for hybrid dy-namical systems with delay, which covers a large class of delay systems. Under several mild assumptions, we establish sufficient conditions for uniform asymptotic stability of hybrid dynamical systems with delay via Lya-punov–Razumikhin technique. To demonstrate the developed theory, we conduct(More)
In this paper, the effects of harvesting and time delay on two different types of predator-prey systems with delayed predator specific growth and Holling type II functional response are studied by applying the normal form theory of retarded functional differential equations developed by Faria and Magalhães [J. Hopf bifurcations are demonstrated in models(More)
Low cycle fatigue–creep is the main reason for the failures of many engineering components under high temperature and cyclic loading. Based on the exhaustion of the static toughness and dissipation of the plastic strain energy during fatigue failure, a new low cycle fatigue–creep life prediction model that is consistent with the fatigue–creep damage(More)
In this paper, we deal with the existence, asymptotic behavior and uniqueness of traveling waves for nonlocal diffusion systems with delay and global response. We first obtain the existence of traveling wave front by using upper-lower solutions method and Schauder's fixed point theorem for c > c * and using a limiting argument for c = c *. Secondly, we find(More)