Rong-Tsu Wang

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This paper tries to construct a performance evaluation procedure for printed circuit board (PCB) industry combining productivity and financial ratios. A case study is conducted using 22 PCB companies in Taiwan as example. A total of 51 indicators are initially considered and fourteen are selected. They represent five indicators for production efficiency,(More)
The majority of past research has focused on the use of literature feedback or factor analysis as metrics for financial distress prediction. The theoretical basis for the former is relatively thin, while the latter is severely limited by data requirements. As such, this paper will instead use grey relation analysis to determine several indices with high(More)
This paper has conducted a trial in establishing a systematic instrument for evaluating the performance of the marine information systems. Analytic Network Process (ANP) was introduced for determining the relative importance of a set of interdependent criteria concerned by the stakeholders (shipper/consignee, customer broker, forwarder, and container yard).(More)
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