Rong-Shean Lee

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With the assistance of developed virtual CNC machine tools, industry and school can alleviate the educating and training constraints on CNC practice courses. However, whether the design product (virtual machine tool) is consistent with student's expectation is also worthwhile to study. Therefore, in this paper, we investigated the effect of VR on the(More)
Machine interference is a significant problem in many manufacturing systems. Prior research shows that machine interference may be as high as 10% of machine time. This paper proposes a queueing network model for a singleoperator, machine interference problem with external operations, i.e., those tasks that can be completed while the machine is running. The(More)
For real-time machining simulation, cutting geometry needs to be computed with high efficiency. The cutting geometry is extracted through material removal simulation. Adaptive octree model is widely applied for material removal simulation. To increase the efficiency of material removal simulation using adaptive octree, an algorithm of parallel computation(More)
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