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Plant phenology models, especially leafing models, play critical roles in evaluating the impact of climate change on the primary production of temperate plants. Existing models based on temperature alone could not accurately simulate plant leafing in arid and semi-arid regions. The objective of the present study was to test the suitability of the existing(More)
The C^2R and C^2GS^2 model of DEA have been described firstly. Next, in the light of the principle of systemic, scientific and comparability, by integrating the realities of the large and medium Enterprises in China, the evaluation indicator system has been set up. And then, by using the DEA method, the paper has evaluated and analyzed the technical(More)
This paper makes an demonstration measure on the 31 provinces' technical validity and scale efficiency of the fixed-asset investment by using the model of C<sup>2</sup>R and C<sup>2</sup>GS<sup>2</sup> of DEA. According to the results, the 31 provinces are divided into different types whose characteristics of fixed assets investment are pointed out and(More)
In the context of a two-echelon supply chain with one manufacturer and one risk-averse retailer, the optimal order quantity of the retailer and revenue-sharing contract has been investigated. The result indicated that the order quantity would be less than or equal to the optimal order quantity of the risk neutral retailer. With the increase of risk, the(More)
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