Rong-Jia Zhang

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Perfluorocarbon (PFC) has been hypothesized to potentially increase the risk of central nervous system oxygen toxicity (CNS-OT) under hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) conditions. However, little is known about the effects, mechanism and prevention of PFC-facilitated CNS-OT. A rat model of CNS-OT was used to evaluate the effects of intravenously-administered PFC(More)
Hydrogen is a kind of noble gas with the character to selectively neutralize reactive oxygen species. Former researches proved that low-concentration of hydrogen can be used to ameliorating cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury. Hydrogen electrolyzed from water has a hydrogen concentration of 66.7%, which is much higher than that used in previous studies.(More)
In the anion of the title salt, C(6)H(16)N(+)·C(18)H(13)O(8) (-), one of the carboxyl groups is deprotonated. Its O atoms are involved in inter-molecular hydrogen bonding with the carboxyl group of an adjacent anion and the amino group of an adjacent cation. The two benzoyloxy rings are oriented with respect to each other at a dihedral angle of 79.46 (6)°.
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