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A fragment of RyR1 (amino acids 4064-4210) is predicted to fold to at least one lobe of calmodulin and to bind Ca(2+). This fragment of RyR1 (R4064-4210) was subcloned, expressed, refolded, and purified. Consistent with the predicted folding pattern, R4064-4210 was found to bind two molecules of Ca(2+) and undergo a structural change upon binding Ca(2+)(More)
BACKGROUND Alterations in DNA methylation in cancer include global hypomethylation and gene-specific hypermethylation. It is not clear whether these two epigenetic errors are mechanistically linked or occur independently. This study was performed to determine the relationship between DNA hypomethylation, hypermethylation and microsatellite instability in(More)
  • Jaroslav Jelinek, Vazganush Gharibyan, Marcos R. H. Estecio, Kimie Kondo, Rong He, Woonbok Chung +6 others
  • 2011
The epigenetic impact of DNA methylation in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is not completely understood. To elucidate its role we analyzed 120 patients with CML for methylation of promoter-associated CpG islands of 10 genes. Five genes were identified by DNA methylation screening in the K562 cell line and 3 genes in patients with myeloproliferative(More)
PURPOSE The DNA methylation inhibitor 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine (DAC) is approved for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), but resistance to DAC develops during treatment and mechanisms of resistance remain unknown. Therefore, we investigated mechanisms of primary and secondary resistance to DAC in MDS. PATIENTS AND METHODS We performed(More)
Graphical representation of gene sequences provides a simple way of viewing, sorting, and comparing various gene structures. Here we first report a two-dimensional graphical representation for protein sequences. With this method, we constructed the moment vectors for protein sequences, and mathematically proved that the correspondence between moment vectors(More)
One-step lateral flow test is recommended as the first line screening of syphilis for primary healthcare settings in developing countries. However, it generally shows low sensitivity. We describe here the development of a novel fluorescent POC (Point Of Care) test method to be used for screening for syphilis. The method was designed to combine the rapidness(More)
Quantum dot is a special kind of nanomaterial composed of periodic groups of II-VI, III-V or IV-VI materials. Their high quantum yield, broad absorption with narrow photoluminescence spectra and high resistance to photobleaching, make them become a promising labeling substance in biological analysis. Here, we report a quick and parallel analytical method(More)
A p-i-n junction diode based on the selectively doped single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) had been investigated, in which two opposite ends of individual SWCNT channel were doped into the p- and n-type SWCNT respectively while the middle segment of SWCNT was kept as the intrinsic. The symmetric and asymmetric contacts were used to fabricate the p-i-n(More)