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Display ads proliferate on the web, but are they effective? Or are they irrelevant in light of all the other advertising that people see? We describe a way to answer these questions, quickly and accurately, without randomized experiments, surveys, focus groups or expert data analysts. Doubly robust estimation protects against the selection bias that is(More)
  • Rong Ge
  • 2010
Energy efficiency and parallel I/O performance are two primary constraints in high performance computing (HPC). Large scale computing systems consume vast amounts of energy and require scalable I/O performance to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of data intensive scientific applications. However, little research has provided an in-depth understanding of(More)
Scalar replacement is an effective optimization for removing memory accesses. However, exposing all possible array reuse with scalars may cause a significant increase in register pressure, resulting in register spilling and performance degradation. We present a low cost method to predict the register pressure of a loop before applying scalar replacement on(More)
Genetic recombination is an important process for DNA repairing and increasing genetic variation, thereby enriching the gene pools for the survival and vitality of a species. In eukaryotes, meiosis is a major means for genetic recombination. For genes on non-homologous chromosomes, mixing of paternal and maternal genes is achieved through different(More)
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