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LIBLINEAR is an open source library for large-scale linear classification. It supports logistic regression and linear support vector machines. We provide easy-to-use command-line tools and library calls for users and developers. Comprehensive documents are available for both beginners and advanced users. Experiments demonstrate that LIBLINEAR is very(More)
Working set selection is an important step in decomposition methods for training support vector machines (SVMs). This paper develops a new technique for working set selection in SMO-type decomposition methods. It uses second order information to achieve fast convergence. Theoretical properties such as linear convergence are established. Experiments(More)
Decomposition methods are currently one of the major methods for training support vector machines. They vary mainly according to different working set selections. Existing implementations and analysis usually consider some specific selection rules. This paper studies sequential minimal optimization type decomposition methods under a general and flexible way(More)
In TRECVID 2007 high-level feature (HLF) detection, we extend the well-known LIBSVM and develop a toolkit specifically for HLF detection. The package shortens the learning time and provides a framework for researchers to easily conduct experiments. We efficiently and effectively aggregate detectors of training past data to achieve better performances. We(More)
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