Rong-Da Tsai

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High electron mobility transistors with InAs channels and sub 0.1-Pm metal gates, have demonstrated a 100% improvement in low-power, high-speed figure of merits over conventional InAlAs/InGaAs lattice-matched HEMTs and MHEMTs. AlSb/InAs MHEMTs exhibit transconductances as high as 1.3 S/mm at drain biases as low as 0.3 V, while maintaining f T and f max(More)
A batteryless remotely-controlled locomotive IC utilizing electrolytic bubbles as propelling force is realized in 0.35 μm CMOS technology. Without any external components, such as magnets and on-board coils, the bare IC is wirelessly powered and controlled by a 10 MHz ASK modulated signal with RS232 control commands to execute movement in four moving(More)
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