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Error-prone polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is widely used to introduce point mutations during in vitro evolution experiments. Accurate estimation of the mutation rate during error-prone PCR is important in studying the diversity of error-prone PCR product. Although many methods for estimating the mutation rate during PCR are available, all the existing(More)
Searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) allows a client to encrypt his data in such a manner that the data can be efficiently searched. SSE has practical application in cloud storage, where a client outsources his encrypted data to a cloud server while maintaining the searchable ability over his data. Most of the current SSE schemes assume that the cloud(More)
Several results of secure obfuscation for particular function families have been raised out in despite of the general impossibility result presented by Barak et al. A special re-encryption function was securely obfuscated by Hohenberger et al. in TCC'07. The re-encryption function constructed by them has particular property that the second level cipher(More)
Current anti-Trojan is almost signature-based strategies, which cannot detect new one. Behavior analysis, with the ability to detect Trojans with unknown signatures, is a technique of initiative defense. However, current behavior analysis based anti-Trojan strategies have the following problems: high false or failure alarm rate, poor efficiency, and poor(More)
With the increasing popularity of mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs), it becomes a challenge to integrate peer-to-peer (P2P) technique into MANETs efficiently. This paper proposes to integrate anycast routing technique to mobile P2P networks to reduce overhead and optimize query lookup service. We propose a novel anycast-based mobile P2P routing protocol for(More)
The architecture and parameter initialization of wavelet neural network are discussed and a novel initialization method is proposed. The new approach can be regarded as a dynamic clustering procedure which will derive the neuron number as well as the initial value of translation and dilation parameters according to the input patterns and the activating(More)