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SUMMARY StochKit2 is the first major upgrade of the popular StochKit stochastic simulation software package. StochKit2 provides highly efficient implementations of several variants of Gillespie's stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA), and tau-leaping with automatic step size selection. StochKit2 features include automatic selection of the optimal SSA method(More)
Simulation of the nonlinear mechanical response of materials with explicit representation of microstructural features is extremely challenging. These models typically involve a very large number of degrees of freedom, and are prone to convergence difficulties when searching for roots to nonlinear equilibrium equations. We focus on an idealized material(More)
Stiff ceramic platelets (or bricks) that are aligned and bonded to a second ductile phase with low volume fraction (mortar) are a promising pathway to produce stiff, high-toughness composites. For certain ranges of constituent properties, including those of some synthetic analogs to nacre, one can demonstrate that the deformation is dominated by relative(More)
This paper examines the effect of non-uniform microstructures on the macroscopic fracture properties of idealized brick and mortar composites, which consist of rigid bricks bonded with elastic–plastic mortar that ruptures at finite strain. A simulation tool that harnesses the parallel processing power of graphics processing units (GPUs) was used to simulate(More)
In order to perform high-performance Monte Carlo simulations of fracture in certain composite materials, we needed fast methods for generating deterministic random numbers. We made several design choices, and due to the fact that the entire simulation was to be done on both CPUs and GPUs, we designed new methods for fast implementation of the AES in the ECB(More)
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