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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are particularly useful for obtaining data concerning events limited to a well-defined geographic region, such as a disaster site or a malfunctioning subsection of a factory plant. Such applications typically use spatial queries, which are SQL-like queries where location constraints are imposed on the collected data. Further,(More)
Nowadays, the number of disasters occurred and the people affected have been increasing. Everyday, newspapers report new disasters around the world. Immediately after the occurrence of a disaster, the first responders go to the affected region to rescue people and solve eventual problems. These areas offer many dangers to the rescue team. Furthermore, the(More)
Several applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) demand information only from sub-regions of the monitored area. The user establishes the region of interest (RoI) and requires the WSN to collect data only inside this region. This kind of query is called spatial query. The state of the art of spatial query processing considers, in general, that nodes(More)
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