Rondall E. Jones

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This paper describes the experiments performed as part of the TREC-97 Spoken Document Retrieval Track. The task was to pick the correct document from 35 hours of recognized speech documents, based on a text query describing exactly one document. Among the experiments we described here are: Vocabulary size experiments to assess the effect of words missing(More)
Constraints on assembly plans vary depending on product, assembly facility, assembly volume, and many other factors. This paper describes the principles and implementation of a framework that supports a wide variety o f user-speciied constraints for interactive a s-sembly planning. Constraints from many sources can be expressed on a sequencing level,(More)
We brieey describe A rchimed e s 2 , a s e cond generation assembly planning system that both provides a general high-level assembly sequencing capability and, for a smaller class of products, facilitates automatic programming of a robotic workcell to assemble them. Because Archimedes can input CAD data in several standard formats, we have been able to test(More)
A package of five programs centering around the highly flexible, powerful, two-dimensional mesh generation program, QMESH, is presented. Together, the five programs provide a tool for generation, bandwidth minimization and display of meshes with Q4 or Q8 elements. The package's primary purpose is generation of input for finite element analysis programs.
We describe the implementation and performance of Archimedes 2, an integrated m e chanical assembly planning system. Archimedes 2 includes two planners , two assembly sequence animation facilities, and an associated r obotic workcell. Both planners use fully 3 dimensional data. A rudimentary translator from high level assembly plans to control code for the(More)