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—Automated detection of vehicles in front is an integral component of many advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), such as collision mitigation, automatic cruise control (ACC), and automatic headlamp dimming. We present a novel image processing system to detect and track vehicle rear-lamp pairs in forward-facing color video. A standard low-cost camera(More)
  • Weidong Yong, Bruce Link, Ronan O'Malley, Jagdish Tewari, Charles T Hunter, Chung-An Lu +11 others
  • 2005
Plant cell walls are composed of independent but interacting networks of carbohydrates, proteins, and aromatic substances. Interacting with this complex matrix are several hundred enzymes and other proteins, some with known functions in wall assembly but many of unknown function. Tentative annotations of the Ara-bidopsis genome reveal more than 1000 genes(More)
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