Ronan McNulty

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Tafenoquine (TQ) is an 8-aminoquinoline (8AQ) that has been tested in several Phase II and Phase III clinical studies and is currently in late stage development as an anti-malarial prophylactic agent. NPC-1161B is a promising 8AQ in late preclinical development. It has recently been reported that the 8AQ drug primaquine requires metabolic activation by CYP(More)
We present an efficient and robust network topology for managing distributed resources in P2P-Grid environments. This topology is called TreeP and exploits both features of P2P and grid computing models. It uses P2P properties in looking for available resources, while using Grid properties to implement communications and computations on a distributed(More)
P2P and grid computing are two paradigms more and more used in today computing environments; their potential to provide better quality of service to users is very promising compared to the cost it involves. This paper presents a hierarchical virtual network topology, built on top of the real existing one and which is used to manage distributed resources in(More)
LHCb [2], one of the four main experiments at the LHC, is designed to make measurements of CP violation and rare B decays in the forward region (1.9 ≤ η ≤ 4.9). However, it can also make precision electroweak measurements at high rapidities which enable it to probe the proton parton distribution functions (PDFs) in hitherto unmeasured regions. Part of(More)
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