Ronan M Conroy

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AIMS The SCORE project was initiated to develop a risk scoring system for use in the clinical management of cardiovascular risk in European clinical practice. METHODS AND RESULTS The project assembled a pool of datasets from 12 European cohort studies, mainly carried out in general population settings. There were 20,5178 persons (88,080 women and 11,7098(More)
Temporal lobe epilepsy is a common, chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent spontaneous seizures. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, noncoding RNAs that regulate post-transcriptional expression of protein-coding mRNAs, which may have key roles in the pathogenesis of neurological disorders. In experimental models of prolonged, injurious seizures(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the extent and causes of microbiological contamination of household drinking water between source and point-of-use in developing countries. METHODS A systematic meta-analysis of 57 studies measuring bacteria counts for source water and stored water in the home to assess how contamination varied between settings. RESULTS The(More)
BACKGROUND Self-perceptions of aging have been implicated as independent predictors of functional disability and mortality in older adults. In spite of this, research on self-perceptions of aging is limited. One reason for this is the absence of adequate measures. Specifically, there is a need to develop a measure that is theoretically-derived, has good(More)
OBJECTIVE Both loneliness and social networks have been linked with mood and wellbeing. However, few studies have examined these factors simultaneously in community-dwelling participants. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between social network, loneliness, depression, anxiety and quality of life in community dwelling older people living(More)
PURPOSE ATP is an essential transmitter/cotransmitter in neuron function and pathophysiology and has recently emerged as a potential contributor to prolonged seizures (status epilepticus) through the activation of the purinergic ionotropic P2X7 receptor (P2X7R). Increased P2X7R expression has been reported in the hippocampus, and P2X7R antagonists reduced(More)
We report simulations of the thermal effect of strong equatorial sunshine on water samples contaminated with high populations of fecal coliforms. Water samples, heavily contaminated with a wild-type strain of Escherichia coli (starting population = 20 x 10(5) CFU/ml), are heated to those temperatures recorded for 2-liter samples stored in transparent(More)
A series of experiments is reported to identify and characterize the inactivation process in operation when drinking water, heavily contaminated with a Kenyan isolate of Escherichia coli, is stored in transparent plastic bottles that are then exposed to sunlight. The roles of optical and thermal inactivation mechanisms are studied in detail by simulating(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined a group of patients awaiting interferon treatment for hepatitis C to estimate the prevalence and detection rates of and risk factors for mood disorders. METHODS The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorders: Clinician Version was used to detect psychiatric disorder. Self-completion instruments were used to rate(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated whether use of low-dose enteric-coated (EC) aspirin for secondary prevention of cardiovascular events has sufficient bioavailability to achieve complete platelet cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibition in all individuals. BACKGROUND Aspirin reduces cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with pre-existing vascular disease;(More)