Ronan Farrell

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We address the issue of network lifetime maximization for a special class of wireless sensor networks namely, wireless multi-media sensor networks. High data rates, in these networks at the sensor nodes, compared to the conventional sensor networks and the presence of high temporal correlation in the sampled data make them a suitable candidate for the(More)
Software-defined radio requires the combination of software-based signal processing and the enabling hardware components. In this paper, we present an overview of the criteria for such platforms and the current state of development and future trends in this area. This paper will also provide details of a high-performance flexible radio platform called the(More)
A joint power splitting and beamforming design for multiuser multiple-input single-output (MISO) systems where receivers have capability of decoding information and harvesting energy simultaneously from received signals is considered. The objective is to maximize the ratio of the achieved utility to the total power consumption subject to harvested power(More)
This paper presents a low power multiband multi mode low noise amplifier (LNA) targeting for GSM/L TE, WiMAX and IEEE 802.11 family standards. Wireless bands are reconfigurable by using selection of parallel cascode amplifiers and buffers with switching input inductors. Inductively degenerated cascode amplifiers, sharing the same transconductance for(More)
The tower-top deployment of base station electronics could prove of utility in future cellular communication applications. We present a scalable, non-radiative, automated calibration scheme for such a system, which employs an array of independently phased transceivers. By coupling an interlinear row of reference transceivers to the array, feedpoint(More)
Transmitter leakage is caused by limited isolation between Tx and Rx paths of an frequency-division duplexing (FDD) transceiver due to use of non-ideal duplexers. As the leakage can seriously impair the performance of the receiver, it is important to increase the isolation of the existing system. A portion of the leakage falling into the Rx band can’t be(More)