Ronan Fablet

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This paper proposes a solution for the automatic detection and tracking of human motion in image sequences. Due to the complexity of the human body and its motion, automatic detection of 3D human motion remains an open, and important, problem. Existing approaches for automatic detection and tracking focus on 2D cues and typically exploit object appearance(More)
This paper describes an original approach for motion interpretation with a view to content-based video indexing. We exploit a statistical analysis of the temporal distribution of appropriate local motion-based measures to perform a global motion characterization. We consider motion features extracted from temporal cooccurrence matrices, and related to(More)
A new approach for motion characterization in image sequences is presented. It relies on the probabilistic modeling of temporal and scale cooccurrence distributions of local motion-related measurements directly computed over image sequences. Temporal multiscale Gibbs models allow us to handle both spatial and temporal aspects of image motion content within(More)
This paper describes an original approach for content-based video indexing and retrieval. We aim at providing a global interpretation of the dynamic content of video shots without any prior motion segmentation and without any use of dense optic flow fields. To this end, we exploit the spatio-temporal distribution, within a shot, of appropriate local(More)
In this paper, we address invariant keypoint-based texture characterization and recognition. Viewing keypoint sets associated with visual textures as realizations of point processes, we investigate probabilistic texture models from multivariate log-Gaussian Cox processes. These models are parameterized by the covariance structure of the spatial patterns.(More)
In this paper we define a multi-scale distance between shapes based on geodesics in the shape space. The proposed distance, robust to outliers, uses shape matching to compare shapes locally. The multi-scale analysis is introduced in order to address local and global variabilities. The resulting similarity measure is invariant to translation, rotation and(More)
We present an original approach for non parametric motion analysis in image sequences. It relies on the statistical modeling of distributions of local motion-related measurements computed over image sequences. Contrary to previously proposed methods, the use of temporal multiscale Gibbs models allows us to handle in a unified statistical framework both(More)
We aim at detecting moving objects in color image sequences acquired with a mobile camera. This issue is of key importance in many application elds. To accurately recover motion boundaries, we exploit a ne spatial image partition supplied by a MRF-based color segmentation algorithm. We introduce a region-level graph modeling embedded in a Markovian(More)