Ronan Burgess

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Long latency auditory event-related potentials have been shown to change in patients with cerebral dysfunction. Some seizure patients with no evidence of brain damage or mental retardation show altered interictal cognitive and memory function. Long-latency auditory event-related potentials to tone stimulation were recorded in nineteen control subjects and(More)
Eight seizure patients without encephalopathy, frequent seizures, brain lesion, or medication intoxication had significant slowing of alpha-frequency activity, as compared to nonepileptic controls, that was evident in compressed spectral analysis but not in standard EEG. Those patients with cognitive or behavioral problems or taking more than one(More)
The trunk is frequently modelled as one fixed segment ignoring possible multi-segmental contributions during manual handling. This study compared segmental trunk motion in a young and older population during a lifting task. Twelve elderly and 19 young subjects repeatedly lifted a 5 kg box from bench to shelf under two stance conditions. Displacement and(More)
Forty-eight patients had sleep-deprived EEGs prior to antiepileptic drug monotherapy. The majority were seizure-free after one year, or had more than 50% reduction in seizure frequency. Among those with normal EEGs 50% were seizure-free, while 75% with diffuse slowing, 44% with focal abnormality, and 83% with generalized epileptiform discharges were fully(More)
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